Daily Taleem

Taleem is a gathering which takes place in most masaajid on a daily basis. It is quite simply a gathering in which the teachings of Islam are spoken out through the words of Allah SWT or the words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW. It serves as a reminder to all muslims of the purpose of life first and foremost.
Through mention of virtues of actions, days and specific blessed times of Islam ones imaan is rejuvenated and he is constantly reminded of his purpose of life and learns aspects in which he knows how to please Allah SWT and how not to displease Him.
There is a need for taleem to be done in the masjid and for all to participate but also taleem done at home. To ensure of children have the right upbringing and understand the morals of Islam which most certainly grant them a massive stepping stone in being the best of muslims.

House taleem is an important tool to bring family members on Islamic life and Dawah. It encourages and results in making the home a place for the remembrance of Allah SWT.

The Prophet (SAW) said: “The likeness of a house in which Allah SWT is remembered and the house in which Allah SWT is not remembered is that of the living and the dead, respectively.”

We must make our homes places where Allah SWT is remembered in all kinds of ways, whether in our hearts, verbally, during prayer, by reading Qur’an, family planning, upbringing of children so that women folk and children become helpful in Islamic Dawah.

Etiquette of TaleemHalaqah

The main purpose of Taleem is to discuss the virtues of different good deeds, how much and what rewards he/she will get from Allah SWT if he/she will perform certain good deeds. At the same time what punishment, he/she will receive if any obligatory amal is missed.

The goal is to read again and again to:

  1. Create respect and greatness of the sayings of Allah SWT and His Rasul SAW.
  2. Create Yaqin/faith on the promises and punishments of Allah SWT.
  3. Put into actions whatever is heard/learned and give Da’wah.

Adaab of Taleem

1.This taleem should be collective – the family members should preferably all sit together and let as many participants read a kitab as is possible.

2.Choose most suitable time for term, i.e. when it is most suitable to every individual, perhaps before or after supper. This collective taleem/supper will have a good added advantage of the family meeting and uniting which is of vital importance but unfortunately is falling away or has fallen away already.

Friday Gathering... ( Majlis )

This gathering focuses on spiritual rectification and is extremely popular. The most respected Shaykh our Imaam, imparts his enlightening discourses in the Urdu language, and then a simultaneous English translation which enables a wider audience to benefit. This normally takes place in the evening of every Friday.

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