Nikah (marriage) is a sacred social contract between bride and groom and is strongly encouraged in Islam. It is declared to be one half of a Muslim’s faith. In another narration the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has been reported to have said,
Do not delay in three things;

1)    The offering of the obligatory prayer.
2)    The offering of the funeral prayer when the deceased’s body is present.
3)    The marriage of a woman when her suitable match is found.

MPIT offer Nikah ceremonies along with Nikah certificate provide by IMWS for those who wish to get married under the Islamic law. Please contact a member of the management at the Masjid for further details.

Please Note:

  • Marriage ceremony will have to be pre-booked and a marriage form must be filled in and submitted at least 5 days prior to the solemnisation day.
  • Marriage (Nikah) fee must be paid in full when submitting the marriage form. The current fee is £115.

There are a number of things to be taken into consideration before one can arrange a Nikah such as:

1)    Mutual consent from both the bride and groom for the Nikah (marriage)
2)    Two adult witnesses and representation from the bride who will be present at the Nikah.
3)    Mehr – The marriage-gift (Mehr) is a divine injunction. The giving of Mehr to the bride by the groom is an essential part of the contract and may be paid in cash, property or movable objects to the bride herself. The amount of Mehr is not legally specified, however, moderation according to the existing social norm is recommended.

The Mehr may be paid immediately to the bride at the time of marriage, or deferred to a later date, or a combination of both.

Application Form Here

Please return the form to Madina Masjid, Purlwell Lane, Batley, WF17 7NQ and contact our Office to arrange a booking, or you can email