Education and Times

The evening Supplementary School currently teaches pupils Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Qur’an Hifz. The school is currently in session for two hours daily in the evenings during the week and Saturday morning, with over 800 students and is therefore largely an after-school institution.

  • Weekdays, Monday – Friday 5:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Weekend, Saturday 9:00am to 11am

There are basic classes for younger children and more intermediate classes for older children with a separate Hifz class for those wishing to memorize the Qur’an, largely made up of older students. Pupils are taught Islamic Studies from textbooks alongside Qur’an and Tajweed.

Senior Girls Classes

The Madrasah has always facilitated classes for older girls taught by Aalimahs to further their understanding of Islam and also learn other personal Masaail which male Ustaads could not teach them. We have over time restructured these classes and provide a well supervised environment for our older girls to learn within.

Saturday Morning, Madrasah Classes

Classes 1-3 and all advance classes are exempt from attending these classes, only classes 4-8 and hifz students attend on a Saturday morning. The Saturday morning teaching consist only of aspects of the Madrasah syllabus that are memorised like the Surahs, Kalimas, duas and other aspects of salah etc.

During weekdays in the evenings children are mentally and physically exhausted from a full day of schooling, so expecting them to memorise on top of their normal lessons would be over burdening. We trust parents will appreciate that it’s important to sacrifice some of our rest to achieve the best for our children and also get reward for it in the hereafter.

Ladies Tajweed Classes

Madrasah Islamiyah offers Tajweed lessons at different levels for sisters delivered by sister Appa who is a qualified Tajweed teacher. For nearly 18 years we have facilitated ladies classes during three days of the week. These classes take place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. All praise to our Creator, many women have benefited from these classes to correct their recitation of the Quran and learn other day to day basic masaail.

Aalim Classes

6:00pm – 8:30pm

We currently run three Aalim classes in the evening between the hours of 6pm and 8.30pm in madrasah time during the week,with 37 boys and increasing yearly. The course is an intense study of the ‘darse nizami’ overseen and monitored by Moulana Hasib Mayet Sb. May the Almighty make it beneficial for the students and the wider community, Aameen.

We offer 3 level course for Tajweed classes:

Al-Qaida Anouraniah

For Beginners Tajweed

Thursday 11:30 – 12:45
This class is all about learning Tajweed through learning the Alphabet of Arabic language using our sylibous of the Qaida Nouraniah. It is for women who have a basic command of reading the Quran, Tajweed rules will be learnt while reading Quranic words. After completion of Qaida Nourania, students will move to read from the ***** to learn small surahs with a brief word for word Tafsir to enhance Quranic Arabic, and the class is taught in English which is Basic Tajweed course on Thursday 10:15 -11:30.

Intermediate level

Wednesday 10:00 – 12:30
This Tajweed course is designed for women who are already competent in reading the Quran, and are seeking to improve their recitation further. It is a structured course, which requires students to complete a set number of hours of teaching time as well as recitation. The course leads to an accredited certificate in basic Tajweed.

Advanced level

Monday 11:30 – 14:30
This course is designed for women who have already successfully achieved a certificate in basic Tajweed. Similar to the basic level course, it is a structured class, and requires students to work hard to complete the required hours of teaching and recitation. The course also requires some memorisation, and a good grasp of reading Quran with the rules taught in the basic course. The course also leads to an advanced certificate.

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