Aims of Madrasah Islamiyah

Our Madrasah has evolved from the fine tradition that our forefathers started in our countries of origin and continued later on with their migration to the West. Whilst Islamic education should and, in most cases,does begin at home, it is formally and systematically conducted through the Madrasah. Thus, the Madrasah plays a major role in developing the Islamic identity of our children.
At our Madrasah, we aim to provide the children with an understanding of knowledge, as well as to teach them how to recite the Holy Quraan.

We aim to provide the highest quality of academic and Islamic education. The need to provide a realistic and balanced Islamic education within the framework of the Holy Quraan and Sunnah is of permanent paramount importance in order to help our future generations in developing a strong personal and Islamic identity.

Adult Courses Available

The emphasis at our Madrasah is on giving the best quality of education within a safe and non-hostile environment stemming from Islamic moral teachings. The aim will be to strengthen the children’s identity and to enable them to participate fully in the culturally diverse modern age. A high level of priority is also given to self-discipline in and out of Madrasah, in terms of respect, responsible citizenship and good behaviour towards both Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Madrasah Islamiyah are happy to welcome your child in our reception year. We pray they find the future years a good and strong foundation to become practicing Muslims, who love their Creator, religion and everything associated with deen.

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