Funeral - Bereavement

Muslim law and tradition have endowed a Muslim’s funeral with profound religious significance and it should, in every respect, express the dignity, sanctity and modesty of a solemn religious service.
The five stages that follow the death of a Muslim are:

  1. The final bathing (Ghusl) of the deceased – Tajheez 
  2. The shrouding (Kafan) of the deceased – Takfeen 
  3. The funeral prayers – Janazah Salah 
  4. The funeral procession – carrying the bier to the grave 
  5. The burial of the deceased – Tadfeen. 

MPIT has been providing burial services to the Muslim community for many years.

We have all the equipment, facilities, dedicated staff and qualified volunteers required to provide a service for both men and women in a manner that complies with the Shari’ah.

Our Burial service includes:

  • The final bathing (ghusl) of the deceased
  • The shrouding (kafan) of the deceased

Transportation of the body from the Hospital to the Mosque and to the Cemetery will have to be arranged by the family of the deceased. Please contact a member of the management at the Masjid if the burial service is required or for further details.

It is very important to complete the above stages as quickly as possible, for Rasulullah (ﷺ) has emphasised:

“Make haste at a funeral; if the dead person was good, it is a good state to which you are sending him on; but if he was otherwise it is an evil of which you are ridding yourselves.”

Moreover, the blessings and forgiveness for the deceased that will be acquired by adhering to the command of Rasulullah (ﷺ) is more worthy then delaying the Janazah Salah, even with the possibility that more participants may attend.

Please note, to enable the burial to take place as quickly as possible we need to comply with the formalities of the law of this country, which requires that the death is certified and registered.

To contact our facilities

Please email or call Masjid on 019124 472378. Alternative, you can visit and ask for one of our office bearers at Madina Masjid.